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.NET Developer

KMD Poland (July 2020 - January 2021)

Participating in KMD TalentLab internship, then B2B contract. Developing a highly visual internal tool for showing connections between employees and products, using Angular, .NET Core WebApi, Azure, CosmosDB.

Intern Developer

Crido (August - November 2019)

Developing business applications mostly concerned about tax issues, using JavaScript (with React), working with government APIs, XSLT, geodata.


Stadtjugendring Essligen e.V. (2017 - 2019)

Every year I helped with the organization of a camp for children in Germany, working with an international team, which was an opportunity to develop communication skills and work in teams.


Computer Science

Warsaw University of Technology (since 2018)

Studying at Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, obtaining very good marks (average grade 4.57). During these studies not only do I learn programming, but also I gain strong mathematical and algorithmic background.

Bolesław Chrobry High School

in Piotrków Trybunalski

Finished with the Matura exam result among the top 45 in Poland.


In December 2019 I started my blog about programming. I write articles about things I find interesting, creating tutorials and articles about features I come across.



Knowledge of C#, experience with ASP.NET Core, Windows Forms and WPF, knowledge of design patterns and crafting high-quality code.

Front-end applications

React, Angular, using TypeScript. HTML5 & CSS3. Good knowledge of modern JavaScript, browser APIs, Node.js.


Programming at low-level, knowledge of POSIX standard, WinApi, multithreading, as well as C++ with STL.


Daily usage of Ubuntu system, experience with shell, administration of own VPS server etc.

Team work

Experience with Scrum, Jira, Azure Boards, Git.


Queries, DB design, procedures etc., MS SQL, MySQL.


Using services like Azure DevOps, WebServices, Blob Storage, CosmosDB Graph DB etc.


PHP, Matlab, Processing (lang. for visual arts based on Java), XSLT - other languages I used. So many technologies help me with learning new ones faster.