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Hello World!

The beginning is always the hardest part except for the end and the middle. So let’s go through it! In this very first post, I would like to explain the reasons why I decided to write this blog, why I write in English and tell you some other things.

Why have I decided to write a blog?

I think that there are many small and unclear reasons, however, as you are reading this text, it means that they are enough to encourage me to do something.

The first reason: sharing ideas and thoughts. I am this kind of person who loves sharing various thoughts with others and receiving feedback. Sometimes while browsing the web, I find something interesting and then I am wondering if that could also interest others, or it is just me who cares about that particular strangeness. I believe that writing about things that catch my interest can make others catch the same, and by doing so, the idea could be shared and even developed further. I read some inspiring blogs and I hope that my texts could be also a little inspiring for some people.

The second reason: motivating me. I am extremely lazy. If there is something I do not have to do, I try not to do it (some people consider this attitude as a feature of a good programmer). But I think that if life has some meaning, this meaning must be connected with doing something. To do anything, we need some motivation and that is the point. Sharing my work and writing about it could help me to keep progress in various things that I do and find some inspiration for new projects.

The third reason: my personal goals. A lot of people who write, not only blogs about computer stuff but in general, claim that writing helps in self-development. I trust them, so I started doing it. I will see if they are right.

Why do I write this in English?

If you came here and did not know me before, you need to know that I am living and studying in Poland. Now, you all who are reading this may wonder why I am writing this in English.

I know that some of you might not be familiar with it, but this language is a real must-know in the computer industry or even in everyday life. I cannot imagine programming without browsing the English-speaking part of the web or learning without books written in this very international language. So it is very important, but this is not an answer to the question in this paragraph.

Throughout my life, I was also pretty lazy in learning languages. My adventure with English on any decent level started just four years ago, my skills are still not so great. Writing in English can help me to be more familiar with this language and learn it more. I also wish that someday my text will be found by someone non-Polish so that the person could understand them. I hope that you will forgive my silly lingual mistakes, and if you find them while reading, you are very welcome to tell me about them.

What this blog is going to be about?

I do not know for sure. Probably it will combine very different ideas, some of my thoughts, and will not be about anything particular. Maybe I will try to give you some little pieces of advice, some solutions to problems that I came across and found interesting. However, I would not expect anything exploratory or cutting-edge, as up-to-date, I am not so experienced developer. I am just a student, but I hope that some of my tips will be useful to some of you who are also at the beginning of your career.

Final words

Thank you very much for reading this. I would be glad if you will look at this site from time to time and share it with your friends. I hope that I will not lose my motivation to write and you will see plenty of interesting stuff here :)